The Fourth Estate Alliance is a British limited company run as a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping independent, professional journalists and publishers buy, sell and swap strong, ethical and accurate news that builds global respect for the industry.

In the age of fake news and misinformation, only a network of journalists and publishers, who are prepared to stand by what they create with the guarantee of their brand and their bylines, can hope to tip the balance and restore respect.

In taking a stand for journalism, we are attempting to break down the polarisation in society as media increasingly drifts into left-wing or right-wing agendas in order to ring-fence and secure their readership base. Our content consumers need to hear what they don’t want to hear, not news that reinforces what they already think.

The political persuasion of those we work with is irrelevant, as long as the journalism is fair and balanced.

We believe the world benefits greatly from a strong news media that is not interested in agendas and is not afraid to report honestly and professionally without fear or favour, empowering independent journalists, news agencies and publishers. As Oscar Wilde said ‘It is not news if it is not offending somebody’.

The Fourth Estate Project that we manage to do this had its roots in 1995 when a small bespoke virtual newsroom was created to replace a myriad of other programs that were attempting to do the job, and this became the Fourth Estate Project in 2018 with the mission of building a global network of independent freelance journalists and newspaper, radio and television publishers.

We take news from publishers, and from journalists. For independent news professionals working outside of publishing houses, we have created a virtual newsroom that allows them to manage every stage in the production of content.

The news we are sent feeds into our global news exchange where we are buying, selling or swapping content with others in the network, using many different ways to suit every partner’s business model.

We monitor the content creators, we monitor the content, and we monitor the places where it is published to offer transparency and protection both for the writers and the readers from allegations of fake news or bias.

Our software has been tested extensively, and we are now rolling out new modules, tools and services to our partners in an ongoing basis, earning reputation, audience share, and increasing revenue.

If you want to be part of the future of journalism, you can sign up here.