Brazilian Girl Goes Viral After US Star Viola Davis Shares Clip Of Her Realising Disney POC Character Is Her Double

African-American actress Viola Davis has shared this amazing moment a little girl in spectacles realises she looks just like the character in the Disney film ‘Encanto’.

The clip went viral, notching up almost 2 million views after it was shared by Davis with the caption: “The power of seeing yourself in the story (heart emoji).


“Another young child is going viral for seeing themselves in the new Disney film ‘Encanto’. Take a look at the reaction of young Manu as she points out the character Mirabel to her mom Hannary.”

In the footage, the young girl, named as two-your-old Manu, is seen telling her mum “it’s me, it’s me: when she sees the character Mirabel Madrigal from Disney’s 2021 animated film.

The video was shared on Instagram by the girl’s mother, hairdresser Hannary Marques de Araujo from the city of Sete Lagoas in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, on 8th January.

It was viewed almost two million times after it was shared by Davis, 56, on her Instagram account.

The ‘Suicide Squad’ star, known for her anti-racism activism, shared the video with the hashtag ‘Representation Matters’.

The girl’s mother told the Brazilian news site G1 why her daughter reacted in such a way: “We are used to seeing white, blonde, green-eyed princesses. It was such a spontaneous reaction, you know? She looked at the character and immediately identified with her. It was so beautiful.”

The girl’s viral video also moved other celebrities, such as Brazilian presenter Sabrina Sato, actress Bruna Marquezine, and Stephanie Beatriz, who voiced the protagonist Mirabel Madrigal in ‘Encanto’.

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Story By: Lee BullenSub-EditorWilliam McGee,  Agency: Newsflash