Fake News Alert: New Year Girls Brave Face For Boyfriend Is Recycled News

A popular story reported over the New Year was of this attractive young woman who despite being ill and hospitalised insisted on putting on her make up in order to meet her boyfriend.

News sites including worldofbuzz.com and Chinapress.com reported on 1 January how the young woman, reportedly a Vietnamese social media influencer, could not bear the thought of her boyfriend seeing her without make up – and so she immediately applied a base make up, eyebrows, blusher, eyeshadow and eyeliner and even nail polish together with a set of earrings.

The story quickly went viral with heated debate about going to such lengths to look pretty while in a hospital bed, while others said they understood the need to always look your best for a loved one.

Vietnamese influencer with makeup for her boyfriend, while she is in hospital

However this supposedly famous influencer apparently has no name, nor could any of the news organisations find one, and a simple check on the pictures found that the entire story had already gone viral in October 2019, with everything simply being recycled in time to make it a useful New Year’s story.

None of the organisations involved replied to a request for clarification as to why they are using an old story of a woman with no name and publishing it as if it was current.

The story that went viral at the time and was published in places like tribunenews.com also had no name for the young woman, and three months later she still seems to be in the same hospital bed again with no name despite her famous influencer.

The story as it appeared in October 2019
The story as it appeared the following year as a bright and fresh New Year story.