Video Syndication Agencies

Welcome to the Fourth Estate Project’s focus on video syndication agencies. There is no doubt that video news is big business, with platforms ranging from YouTube through to Facebook prepared to pay substantial amounts of money to people that use their platforms to share viral content. Exclusivity is the name of the game, and with intense competition to get people to hand over all or some of the rights to their content, there are a number of video syndication agencies that have been accused of shady practices. But who can you trust? The Fourth Estate Project is now collecting data on who these agencies are, where they are based, who are the people behind them and more importantly – how are they dealing with you, the people they do business with. If you have a story to share, write to us on and if you have a case, we will take it up with the agency concerned. 

News AgencyViral Press
News AgencySell Us Your Video
News AgencyCaters
News AgencyStoryful
News AgencyJungle Creations
News AgencyTalk To The Press
News AgencyTriangle News
News AgencyFeatures Desk
News AgencyCavendish
News AgencyDeadline News
Video Sales PlatformUscreen
Video Sales PlatformNewsflare
Video Sales PlatformYouTube
Video Sales PlatformVimeohttps://vimeo.comNew York/US
Video Sales PlatformRumble
Video Sales PlatformSellfy
Video Syndications AgencyJukin Media Angeles/US
Video Syndications AgencyVideo Elephant York/United States
Video Syndications AgencyViral Hog