Israeli Newspaper Publishes On Front Page Images Of Dead Palestinian Children

Israel’s longest-running newspaper the respected left-leaning Haaretz has published the faces of more than 67 Palestinian children killed in Gaza after the latest fighting.

The newspaper was first published in 1918 with sponsorship from the British military government in Palestine, and it has been praised for its decision to show the dead children to readers of local media in the country.

The escalating violence between Israel and Gaza lasted 11 days and was the worst since the 2014 fighting. The paper quoted parents of the children described what the kids had wanted to be when they grow up, like doctors, artists and political leaders.

Among those dead, were more than 70 children with most of those being Palestinian who were killed in Gaza, with three others killed in the West Bank and two being Israeli children, aged five and 16.

Credit: Newsflash
The faces of the 67 children killed in Gaza, published in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

The worst day was 16 May when 18 children died in Gaza, including a six-month-old who was the youngest victim of the fighting.

In some cases, families had to say goodbye to many children, including four that were members of the al-Hadidi family who died the previous day on 15th May.

Suhayb, 13, Yahya, 11, Abderrahman, 8, and Osama, 6, had gone to visit their cousins and died when their building was hit.

Tragically another 11 were all participating in a Norwegian refugee program helping kids to deal with the effects of trauma, they were all aged between five and 15.

Journalist Louis Fishman was among those who praised the move shown a copy of the front page on his Twitter and saying: “Respect: The Israeli Newspaper Haaretz–whose readers also send their children to fight in Israel’s wars–publishes names and photos of the Palestinian children killed by Israel in Gaza. ’67 children were killed in Gaza, that is the price of the war.’ This is unprecedented.”

The Israeli action in the Gaza Strip was a response to rocket launches from the Palestinian enclave.

As well as those killed some 560 children were wounded.

Story By: Basant EssamSub-EditorJames King, Agency: Newsflash