Jet Ski Blast Fake News Created To Punish Russian Media

Video Credit: CEN

A Russian social media group has admitted faking this story and video in which a jet ski reportedly exploded leaving a man and a young boy fighting for their lives as a way of damaging other Russian media which they complained were ripping off their work.

In their original report local news community ‘Emergency Situation Krasnodar’ which posts stories about the emergency services on the Telegram App claimed that the shocking explosion was filmed on a smart phone took place in the Black Sea, at the resort village of Kabardinka in Gelendzhik in the south-western Russian Krasnodar Krai region.

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging service that also allows videos and images to be shared.

Credit: CEN
The scooter blowing up while the two people are riding it

They said that the man and the little boy, both unnamed, were reportedly tourists who were riding on the rented jet ski on a sunny summer day.

But after the footage was widely republished in other Russian media, including being distributed by state-run TV channels like MTV and government backed radio, they then published a story to say it was false.

In a statement about the stunt, a spokesman for ‘Emergency Krasnodar’ said: “We got tired of local journalists who shamelessly steal our posts, and decided to create breaking news for them.”

Credit: CEN
Moments before the accident

The scam was exposed when the story was widely republished and then the press service of the emergency services in Krasnador, EMERCOM, confirmed that the incident never happened.

Footage shows the pair on the jet ski being sent flying after the explosion.

Story By: Zoey McDougall, Sub EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News