Journo Abused On Streets Of NYC For Speaking In Chinese

A writer for the New Yorker magazine has revealed that she was verbally abused on the street in NYC by a man who called her a “Chinese b*tch” because she as talking Mandarin on the phone.

New Yorker staff writer Jiayang Fan said she was taking out the rubbish when she was racially abused by a man on the pavement.

She said she moved aside to allow the man to pass, but he yelled “f*cking Chinese” as she spoke on the phone in Mandarin.

The man added: “Yeh, I’m talking you, Chinese b*tch. You are f*cking Chinese.”

Credit: AsiaWire
New Yorker writer Jiayang Fan tweet for racist event

Fan said the man did not seem drunk or mentally ill, adding: “I wasn’t offended. I was afraid. I was worried he knew where I lived.

“I decided not to go fetch the bag of rice a few blocks away even though I don’t know if a lockdown is coming and what that means for my grain situation. It doesn’t seem worth it.

“I’ve never felt like this in my 27 years in this country. I’ve never felt afraid to leave my home to take out the trash because of my face.

“I want to believe what happened is anomalous and that we are living in extraordinary times and fear can deform us.”

According to local media, the COVID-19 outbreak has sparked numerous racist and xenophobic attacks in New York City aimed at Asian people.

A Korean woman was reportedly punched in the face for not wearing a face mask on the streets of NYC while another woman, who was wearing a mask, was beaten up on the subway by a man who called her “diseased”.

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Story By: Lee BullenSub-EditorJoseph Golder,  Agency: Asia Wire Report