News Exchange

Welcome to the world’s first global news exchange where content is categorised and graded before being resold to publishers in exchange for advertising revenue.

We trade in only the best stories, and distribute them on a global network where they are published either via exclusive deals or all-round, non-exclusive deals generating not only credibility and respect for the journalist that created them and the original publisher, but also for additional publishers and for our network.

That is why we are not prepared to work with anybody who does not meet our standards, and we will remove you from our community if you engage in public relations, native advertising, biased or opinionated news writing or anything else that moves away from independent, balanced reporting.

We obtain news from agencies that we help to form, with independent freelancers working with a professional that guarantees the quality of the news they create with their own brand, which is their name, and we do exclusive or non-exclusive deals for that content with other media publishers to generate revenue.

This helps to support original news creators and breakdown polarisation within the media landscape by ensuring that a variety of content goes to all media to give readers an alternative perspective.

To join our network, you can contact us.