Verified News

T4-Hub Community Verified News Item: A verified T4-News item is a news item whereby we have verified the information included using the following criteria:  

1/ The news has been published by at least two T4 verified news sources *. We have included links indicating which sources were used for which information underneath the text and also referenced directly a unique URL in the story itself.

2/ We have reached out to those involved where relevant, and given them the opportunity to comment, although they may not have replied at the time of publishing.

3/ We have used native speakers to check video or audio statements to confirm print reports.

4/ We will have done checks including a reverse image search on all key picture elements and video elements to make sure they are credible where relevant.

5/ This story has gone through 10 different stages of checking by our independent editorial team.

6/ This story is published free of any advertising or sponsorship or grants that in any way affect the independent editorial direction, although we may accept general sponsorship or grants when they are simply to support independent journalism and do not make any demands on the direction or the tone of the coverage.

* In many of the stories that we send to clients, we may reference other news organisations. Our system automatically logs which news organisations we have previously used for stories and which are new, and when new we add them to a list of T4 verified news sources. News organisations that are new are independently verified and are given a grading. When we find fake news items or incorrect reporting, it influences the grading, which is modified accordingly by our independent editorial team.