Work With Us

Our project connects journalists with news agencies operating over different specialities, from general newsrooms through to those concentrating on specific subjects or geographical regions.

We employ journalists, photographers, videographers, and occasionally offer internships for newcomers.

If you wish to be considered for a future vacancy when it becomes available, please send an application using the following form. Any application should include examples or links for some of your recent work.


    Submit freelance news articles

    We offer the opportunity for you to submit your freelance news item into our network and, if it is accepted, it will be distributed to our publishing partners and you will receive a fee for every time it is used.

    We are currently accepting stories about the UK media business for distribution to media partners. We pay GBP 25.00 for any accepted item that we publish on our site, and GBP 25.00 for every confirmed usage on a partner website.

    Click here to go to the submissions page.


    News Aid sponsorships

    Through our “News Aid” program, we also offer added sponsorship for news on certain subjects and regions.

     The News Aid project is currently in beta testing, but through it, submissions of news covering regions or topics that are subject to a sponsorship at the time of submission will be eligible for a bonus payment in addition to any sales that you make.

    Currently all of our sponsorships have been allocated, and we have no active offers. Please check this page again soon to find new sponsorship offers that have become available.